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Combining beauty with functionality and with custom options, Justoneus Creations products are a great way to show appreciation to the important people in your life.

Coaster Cubbies

Shapely Nesting Boxes and Coaster Sets

Our nesting box design can be made in many shapes and are great for storing coasters, jewelry, small keepsakes, and more! The boxes and coasters are laser cut out of 1/4" ply wood and we use cork on the underside of our coasters. The bottom of the coaster box will be marked with our logo for proof of authenticity.

Many shapes available! Art lovers can order plain, unfinished wood Coaster Cubbies (sanded smooth) to paint and finish yourself. Alternatively, you can upgrade to one of our engraved designs.

Sacred geometry is our chosen theme for our stock designs, but custom options and design services are also available. We finish all engraved coasters and boxes for lasting quality.

Custom engraved coaster sets in a matching box are a great way to show appreciation in the form of a unique and quality gift. Useful in business as well as with beloved friends and family.

BYO Bounskee

Where sport meets art

Patent Pending.

Bounskee is more than just a game. There are many fun ways to play and it can provide further benefits for all kinds of people from school age to senior citizen. It is a modular setup that provides several different games by swapping out playing tops and attachments. A legit tournament worthy sport and great for other kinds of contests and promotions.

The original version is laser cut from lightweight wood and breaks down flat to fit in a pizza box. It was created with the vision of merging sport and art. This style is now called the BYO Bounskee. BYO stands for Build Your Own and we also dream of BYO Bounskee leagues where Bounskee lovers will Bring Your Own artistically customized Bounskees to compete with. Custom engraving is available, but we encourage taking your own artistic liberties in ways like painting, etc... We are developing another version that will be more suitable for heavy use in public settings.

You can check out the all the rules and scorecards and learn more at Bounskee's

home page: www.bounskee.fun

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